Steam Boilers

The EG series Gas Fired Steam Boilers provide reliable and long term operation when used in common low temperature settings. Designed for ease of installation in any setting, the EG series was intended for the following applications: single family homes, apartments, institutions, and light commercial applications. Some of the features and benefits of the EG series include:

  • Automatic Vent Damper – Helps attain higher efficiencies and reduce fuel consumption by preventing heat from escaping up the chimney during off-cycle
  • Easy access to controls – Allows for convenient servicing
  • Standing pilot ignition – Utilizes a pilot light, that is lit 24/7, to ignite the burners
  • Intermittent electronic ignition – Uses an electronically controlled high voltage spark to light the gas pilot then the main burners once the thermostat calls for heat
  • Cast Iron Heat Exchanger – made using very high-quality material that works great for steam heating systems
  • 82% AFUE – makes it a medium efficiency boiler

The EGH series Gas Fired Steam Boilers are also highly regarded within the Weil McLain family of products. Considered a medium efficiency boiler, the EGH series provide reliable long term operation when used in common low temperature applications. Also designed for ease of installation, applications include large residential homes, apartment buildings, indirect-fired water heating and small commercial buildings. Features and benefits of the EGH series include:

  • 80% efficiency – improved efficiency to lower energy costs
  • Combination gas control valve – includes main gas valve with redundant seal, PI with damper models; main gas valve with single seat, 24V models; pressure regulator, gas cock, pilot filter, pilot adjusment
  • Non-linting Pilot Burner – improved burner type for non-interrupted operation
  • Factory assembled section block – Weil McLain made high quality constructed section block
  • Insulted extended steel jacket – increases the boilers lifespan